NAVGAL PROFESSIONAL TEAM Ltd. Galati is a Romanian company with private capital and its main activity:- Building of ships and floating structures- Repair and maintenance of ships and boats.The company offers you professionalism, reliability, promptness in shiprepairing  and shipbuilding services in shipyards worldwide .As a subcontractor for shipyards we offer the following services :-    mechanical  , repair and maintenance-    steelworks ( hull ) - prefabrication and welding -    pipeworks ( pipefitting )  with steel pipe and fiberglass;-    hydraulics , repair;-installation and commissioning of various marine equipment such as pumps, winches, diesel generators, speed reducers, axis lines, main engines, propulsion systems SCHOTTEL, Aquamaster,etc.From 2011(year the company was founded)untill  present we have contracts with STX OSV PIPING TULCEA/ROMANIA and DAMEN SHIPYARDS GALATI/ROMANIA.


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 NAVGAL PROFESSIONAL TEAM Ltd Company management is provided by Dan Chiritescu, naval engineer with an experience of over 25 years of shipyard in the country (SN Damen Galati, STX OSV Tulcea, STX OSV Braila) and abroad (Nikolaev, Ukraine, Bharati Shipyard Kolkata - India, Damen Shipyard Göteborg - Sweden, Miklebust-Norway). The number of employees varies with each new project and adapt to market realities. It can increase or decrease according to the size and complexity of the project execution time and deadline for completion of the works, and many other variables.

          We will provide you teams as following : Hull and outfitting engineer;

   team of workers : locksmiths and welders with certificates;  Pipe systems engineer; Complete team of pipefitters and welders; engineering team, with at least 10 years experience of shipyards in Romania and  

         abroad,  for inspection  and coordination activities in following area:

                -  hull activities

                -  steel structural work and mechanics activities

                -  outfitting steel structural activities

                -  outfitting activities and local areas accommodation

                 - pipe systems construction and installation

                 - electric system installation

                 - accommodation and outfitting activities

                 - corrosion protection(blasting and  painting works):engineers with FROSIO and NACE

                   Certificates;     Qualified personnel and experienced NAVGAL  PROFESSIONAL TEAM focuses on execution quality work, respect legislation and implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality system.



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